“In January 2012, a dream was birthed. My passion for design and my desire to transform company creative into a cohesive brand led me to launch 3:20 Designs. Since then, this journey has been an exciting and wild ride. I had no idea where God was taking this. . . boy am I glad I said “yes”.”    – Andrea McNeeley, Founder

Our Vision.

Our Vision is to deliver abundantly more than you could ever ask for. Our Mission is to inspire our clients to achieve their most ambitious marketing ideas, to deliver the highest levels of integrity and creativity and to awaken purpose, life and faith through God-inspired creative.

7 Non-Negotiables.

When 3:20 Designs began, we set out to create a culture to live and work by. This philosophy came to be known as our 7 Non-Negotiables. The following statements are not only commitments each team member has made but they are also taken into consideration during our new client consultations. Welcome to the culture of 3:20.

1. Integrity

“Honesty comes first in everything I do. I only make commitments that I know I can keep. Short-cuts at someone else’s expense are not a part of my work ethic.”

2. Excellence

“The value and quality of my work and attitude is exceptional. I strive to improve daily making wise use of my time and resources.” 

3. Humility

“I value the gifts and talents in others by treating them with respect. My actions are consistent with my belief that I will put others before myself.”

4. Teamwork

“As a team, we work together to accomplish our objective laying down our individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. I ask for help when needed and I am compassionate to others who ask me.” 

5. Accountability 

“I am accountable to my team by accepting responsibility for my actions in an effort to measure results and continue improvement in our areas of expertise.” 

6. Fun 

“My joy and appreciation for life is displayed by creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around me enjoy it as well.”

7. Balance

“My family, mission, and physical/spiritual well-being is honored by being diligent at work and keeping my time balanced.”

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