The Power of a Message

It’s that time of year again when we analyze different aspects of our lives, and set new goals for ourselves in the new year. Whether your business formed a “muffin top,” or needs to firm up all around, 3:20 Designs wants to team up with you to make your business rock solid!!

Let’s get started!

Do you know that feeling you get when you receive a genuine message and somehow you sense that this is sincere and truthful—with no fluff. A simple message conveys kindness and caring, and reaches out to people on a level that creates friendship.

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Forming a relationship with your audience will enhance your reputation and produce
long-term clients. Message-driven marketing will give your business a makeover, and 3:20 Designs would love to coach you towards an amazing start in the new year!

Message-driven marketing has the potential to advance your business to a level that will put you over-the-top and give you an advantage over your competitors. When you become more personable, you keep your audience wanting more. Every company has their own specific message that needs to be heard.

Message-driven marketing helps

  • show your uniqueness
  • show your desire to help educate and encourage
  • show your openness and transparency

Selling services only creates a sterile persona and comes across as being just another sales pitch.

Tips for selling your message

  • get to the point
  • be direct
  • start with your story – end with an invite

86% of customers will pay more to have a better customer experience.

3:20 Designs wants that relationship with you! We strive to make other businesses be all they can be. We’d like to get to know YOU and help you create YOUR special message that is destined to be marketed.

The new year is here, so let 3:20 Designs help personalize your company by applying message-driven marketing to your business plan. We look forward to helping you succeed and surpass your goals in a way you never imagined!

Marketing Your Message,

Andrea Ferguson, Owner
3:20 Designs

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