The Skinny on Email Marketing.

Don’t throw in the towel yet! Unlike all the ugly rumors, email marketing is not dead, it just has to be done correctly!

Yes, the days of spamming email lists and expecting flowers and candy from it are over. But when done correctly, there is still value in staying in touch with your clients, and even gaining new ones, through well designed and strategic email contact. Here are some of the keys:

  • You must be “invited” to contact them. No more unexpected visits! We show you how to get people to request you to send them info.
  • Subject lines are key. Increase your open rate by appealing to what they want to know.
  • Keep it short. You can add links to learn more.
  • Create a “personal connection” with your clients, not spam ads.
  • Use a newsletter format consistent with your other social media.
  • Don’t mail too often, just enough

Your email newsletters can provide a valuable addition to a well thought you complete social media campaign. Let 3:20 Designs show you how to plan your schedule out a year in advance, and then take care of the hard parts for you, so you can enjoy the benefit of regular contact with your people.

For more information, schedule an appointment by calling 972-951-4788, or Email: Want to see the plans? They are more affordable than you think and we pack in the value! Click Here to see more.

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