What Can Great Graphic Design Do For You?

It is possible to measure the value of great graphic design. When you pick up a book or go to a webpage, you will lay it down or leave the website within seconds, often 9 seconds or less. You may not consciously recognize why, but great design can attract or repel you.

A/B comparison tests show that viewers often prefer one website landing page by as much as 10 to 1 or more, depending on the design. Your brochures, newsletters, emails, and business card are similar. You know much you’ve invested in brochures and mailings. It’s time to leverage the power of great graphic design to increase your traffic and your conversions.

One way to measure the quality of your website design is a measurement called bounce rate. When a new customer leaves your home page within seconds, and doesn’t explore other pages or contact you, you’ve lost forever the cost of bringing that prospect to your page. By changing the design and copy to make your website “sticky”, you’ve discovered the secret of multiplying your profit for minimal investment,

What can great graphic design do for you?

  • Get shoppers to double take for a 2nd look, a 3rd look, and come back again
  • Allow you to charge more for the same product or service
  • Get a higher “click through rate” from your social media to you webpage
  • Lower your “bounce rate”, those people who leave your page too quickly
  • Increase your conversion rate, the percentage of viewers who become buyers
  • Increase your number of return visitors
  • Increase your search engine ranking, as people spend more time and visit more pages on your website
  • Cause people to keep your offline flyers and ads longer, and not just discard them as junk mail

Graphic design sometimes seems so intangible. What is a good design? What is a good value? By connecting with an experienced and savvy graphic designer like 320designs, you will be able to tell the difference, whether by your clients responses, or by website analytics, you  owe yourself the opportunity to visit with someone from 320designs:

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